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Strength For Us All - 48 x 36" Original Oil Painting

Strength For Us All - 48 x 36" Original Oil Painting

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48 x 36 x 1.5 inches, Oil on Canvas, unframed but ready to hang.

Looking back on the hardships we have endured can often take our breath away if we are able to look past the storm itself and see the light that shines through. It is then that we are able to realize the strength we possess that wouldn’t have developed or been exercised if not for the circumstances at hand pulling us through.

I see so much of myself, my life, my struggles, my strength — our collective beauty… in the storms we weather.

’Strength for us All’ has been featured internationally in Artist Talk Magazine, and on several online platforms offering a message of hope to its viewers.

Special thanks to storm chaser, Justin Snead, for allowing me to use his photograph as inspiration for this painting.

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