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Washed Away - 36 x 24" Original Oil Painting

Washed Away - 36 x 24" Original Oil Painting

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36 x 24 x 1.5 inches, Oil on Canvas, unframed but ready to hang.

The thing that endlessly excites me about the sky is how it is constantly changing and always beautiful. Even a sky full of modest grey clouds is beautiful in my mind, especially for the soft light it casts over the land below. And mottled pink and oranges against a deepening blue at sundown or sunrise? Breathtaking.

But the storms. The clouds. The rain. The deep blue-greens. I’m struck by something my friend, Terri, said to me… “The storms sometimes wash away as much as they bring with them.” And isn’t that just so very true?

Special thanks to storm chaser and friend, Adam Jackson, for allowing me to use his photograph for inspiration for this painting.

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