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To Joy - 8 x 8” Original Oil Painting

To Joy - 8 x 8” Original Oil Painting

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To Joy, 8 x 8 inches, oil on canvas, ready to hang.

Today was a busy day and by the time I got the chance to sit down and paint, this is what needed to come out.

It feels a bit foreign to soak in these bright, bold colors. A bit uncomfortable, even... but good.

Joy has been like that in my life.

After a years-long season of fighting to hold onto glimmers of light, it’s taking time for my eyes and heart to adjust to a life that’s bathed in sunshine.

It’s surprising.
And at times I feel the weight of guilt for my inability to embrace it all fully.
But, I’m offering myself grace in this new season of adjusting.

To light.
To delight.
To joy.

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