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Looking Up - 36 x 24" Original Oil Painting

Looking Up - 36 x 24" Original Oil Painting

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36 x 24 x 1.5 inches, Oil on Canvas, unframed but ready to hang.

Has hope ever felt like a fleeting thing?

Like an unmet longing?

Has hope ever been so far away that you felt like the shadows of life could swallow you whole?

‘Looking Up’ is a reflection on that kind of hope. The hope that feels far away, yet shows up anyway as the rolling clouds begin to break, leaking the light of day.

I paint these storm clouds for the one who needs hope, who clings to it. And for the one who has hope and knows that the light of hope is what gave them strength to weather the storm.

Special thanks to storm chaser and friend, Adam Jackson, for allowing me to use his photograph for inspiration for this painting.

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