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As a married, work-from-home mother of two toddlers, with another baby on the way, busily juggling the demands of keeping our house running, I’ve recently begun to hear God’s voice lovingly asking me to slow down so I can see Him in everyday moments. As a result I have discovered that He has written a beautiful story — my life, as well as given me all the tools I need to share that story with others to draw them into His presence.

As a creative person, I have often struggled to believe I am fearfully and wonderfully made — that my voice is important and needs to be heard in this oftentimes extremely noisy world. Through leaning into the struggle and seeking The Lord to guide me through it, I’ve discovered that not only do I have a beautiful story to tell, but we ALL do! I write to encourage other believers, artists, and mothers to see God in the everyday moments, and to rest in the identity we have in Him — to see the story that He wrote for us, the gifts He gave to us, the personal ministry He dreamt for us long before we ever took our first breath.