Grace in the growing.


Well, friends. I present to you a chive. Or maybe it’s a bit of parsley, hard for me to tell at this point especially since it’s very possible I mixed up the labels from the seed packets and because I know virtually nothing about plants…

I have a black thumb. I absolutely cannot keep plants alive, nor have I ever considered growing them from seeds because they’d surely never sprout (due to some sort of mishap or oversight on my end) and if they did I know they’d live a very, very short time. So why even waste the poor seeds?

However. My sweet Lucy is learning about plants at school and I thought maybe it would be fun for us to grow something together at home. I told her I don’t know how to grow things, but that we could learn together if she wanted and she seemed ok with that.

So, eight days ago we bought this little herb kit from Lowe’s, brought it home, and fumbled through the directions, planting our tiny seeds in their little plastic pots. It may be no surprise to you that within minutes of covering the last seeds with soil, Lucy was asking if anything had grown yet… and I had to explain to her that it takes time. It takes time for things to grow. It will probably be several days before we see anything grow. And I had to explain this to her 10, 20, 30 minutes later, and when she got up the next morning and later the following day and the next…

But, eventually she stopped asking.

And last night, when I saw the first little bit of a sprout had popped out of one of our plastic pots, I was truly surprised. Because I realized I’d stopped asking, too – I stopped believing that anything would come of our little project at all even though I KNEW we read the directions carefully and did everything we were supposed to. I’d given up a bit of hope and began doubting the process because I didn’t see immediate growth even though I knew it would take awhile.

And this morning, when I saw that the little sprout had grown taller and began to unfurl, a bit of that hope returned. It made me realize there are SO many times I do the things I know I’m expected or asked to do and give up because I don’t see immediate results. Even things I WANT to do I can have a tendency to give up on when growth is slow going.

I love that God doesn’t work that way. That He designed growth, progress, change to take time. That we aren’t expected to learn a new concept overnight and practice it perfectly from there on out. We aren’t expected to be full of love and joy and peace and patience and goodness and kindness all the time with perfect, beautiful, ripe-for-the-picking fruit at all times.

There’s grace in the process of growing…

There are seasons. And it takes time.

Lucy is singing in her bed right now, as she does most mornings, and I’m looking forward to hearing what that joyful little voice has to say when I show her our first little sprout…

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