30 day sketch challenge!


Join the challenge!

Hi friends!

As we embark on a new year, one of my favorite things to do is start out with a fresh sketchbook. Something about closing out an old sketchbook and starting something new excites me about what lies ahead!

As I’m sure come of you can relate, some of ,y biggest struggles as an artist are being inconsistent in practice, not making time to create, not knowing what to create when I open up my sketchbook (fully intimidated by that blank page), and wishing I had community and support with friends creating by my side.

So, to overcome some of my own struggles, and start out 2016 on the right foot, I’ve challenged myself to get in my brand new sketch book every single day in the month of January. I’ve been setting up a series of prompts ahead of time so I can’t say to myself (and my sketchbook) “I don’t know what to draw, so I just won’t do anything today.” and would LOVE it if you’d join me so we can create together and cheer one another on!

Each day at 7am (PST) you’ll receive an email from me with your prompt for the day. Once you’ve completed your drawing, pat yourself on the back, and then post it on Instagram with the rest of the crew under the hashtag #MakeWithMe.

One of the best things about doing this together is the encouragement of community, but also the accountability to continue creating and the joy of practicing. (And even getting better!)

Absolutely no drawing experience is necessary! Just start where you are and challenge yourself to grow.

I hope you’ll jump in and join us!