Goal setter.

I am not typically a goal setter. What I mean is that I’m not usually driven by the end result, the finish line, the goal. I’m more driven by the process or act of getting from point A to point B and the experience I gain along that journey; hence the piles of mostly finished paintings and almost complete projects that litter my world.

Lucy may only be just shy of 7 months old, but I can already tell she is a goal setter.

Take this morning for example.

Usually I let her play on a play blanket for a little while each morning while I work on the dishes or get the low down on what’s happening in the Facebook and Instagram world. ::gasp:: (Yes, I admit it, I actually USE my phone while my baby is awake!) But, today, I decided to watch Lucy. I wanted to test her a little. Conduct an experiment of sorts.

I unfolded the biggest play blanket we use, placed it on the floor, put her on one end and her favorite giraffe toy on the other. (We use “play blankets” around here because it’s warm here in California and our dog sheds like crazy and I don’t vacuum every day ::gasp again:: and Lucy spits up sort of a lot and it’s easier to toss a blanket in the wash than to clean the carpet thoroughly enough that keeps the dog from licking the spit up spot all day long. That was a really long sentence.)

And I watched her.

I watched her eyes light up when she saw the giraffe. It’s one of her current favorite toys, so naturally she wanted to play with it as soon as she recognized it.

But she can’t crawl. It was definitely out of arm’s reach.

It was too far away.

I can imagine that if I were a baby in that situation, I likely would have reached my arm out and once I realized I couldn’t easily get what I wanted would direct my attention to something else or just start to cry.

Not Lucy.

I saw that sparkle in her eye turn to a look of deep concentration. I watched her lay on her belly and wiggle her little legs with excitement and determination. Though she couldn’t crawl, she was going to find a way to get that toy.

She tried tugging on the blanket to see if she could bring the giraffe closer to her, but the blanket was much too heavy and she couldn’t pull it hard enough from the position she was in. So, she kicked her legs and began to spin herself in the direction of the giraffe. Even though she wasn’t moving forward, she was making progress and getting more excited!

Eventually she turned to the one means of transporting herself she knew she could do. She rolled.

She rolled and rolled and rolled and rolled and rolled.

And rolled.

And she got it!

She got that silly little giraffe toy. She was so pleased with herself, she played with it and rolled around with it and had a complete conversation with it. I imagined her telling him, with delight, how nice it was to finally play with him after all that hard work.

But that wasn’t enough.

Once she had a little momentum, she kept going.

Even further away, by our front door, under a small table, was an embarassingly large pile of (mostly my) shoes.

Lucy had a new goal. And I watched her again with the same sparkle in her eye…

She did it.

(Insert a really cute picture here that would already be inserted if I wasn’t having technical difficulty and needing help from my hubby… it will be here soon… promise!)

My tenacious little baby girl got a shoe and immediately inserted it into her mouth.


Am I supposed to be excited about that? It’s a really dirty shoe…

Okay, I let her enjoy reaching her goal by chewing on the shoe for a minute and then redirected her attention.  It was time for a fresh diaper and a nap anyway.

So, maybe you think this is all a bit silly. Maybe.

But, maybe, just maybe, this little one really is a goal setter. A quality I can only hope to learn from her! Maybe she really is determined and full of character.  (Well, she’s definitely full of character, that I’m sure of.)

And maybe she just wanted to chew on a shoe.

Either way, I’m proud of her. I am her momma after all.


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  1. Yes, yes — Lucy and Gram are going to be kindred spirits, indeed!

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