toffee apple dip.

Tis the season for Christmas parties and cookie swaps and ornament exchanges and elastic waistbands! Christmas is one of my most favorite times of year because I love the music the movies the food and the time spent with family and friends that all comes around in December. So much fun!

I have already been to several Christmas parties and ornament exchanges with more on the schedule ¬†and I just can’t wait! But I wanted to let you in on a secret recipe. It’s not exactly going to be a secret anymore I guess. So, I went to a Christmas dinner party on November 30th this year with about 70 women in attendance (maybe more) and we were all instructed to bring something to share. It was a potluck! (Another one of my favorite things in life). Well, at the very very end of the long table set up with the food spread that evening was a dish of beautifully sliced apples and some nutty-looking dip in the middle. Have you ever noticed that by the time you get to the end of the table at a potluck it always seems like you hardly have any room left on your plate? Well tonight was one of those nights where we should have all stopped worrying about looking cute in our new sweaters and carried around a second plate for food piling. So, since the beautiful apples were at the very end of the table, I know that most of us got to that apple dip and maybe only took one apple slice or decided that there were other goodies we would rather have instead of apples.

What a mistake.

That dip had to be loaded with drugs or something! We were like moths to a flame, ants to a picnic, vultures to a carcass! One tiny little apple with a smidge of dip was not enough. And for those of us who weren’t smart enough to get any at all and just saw everyone rushing to the table with foamy drool dripping from our lips should have realized sooner that we needed that separate plate that night for the piling of apple slices and dip. The dip was good. So good that when the apples ran out we were eating it with our fingers.

So, I bet you’re wondering what was in it.

I’ll tell you.

beautiful apples and crack-toffee apple dip

1 c. brown sugar

1/2 c. white sugar

2 tsp. vanilla extract

2 (8 oz.) packages cream cheese (softened)

1 pkg. heath toffee bits

See those ingredients? Just put them all in a bowl together and stir it up. No joke. That’s it.

I didn’t make the apple dip for that potluck. One of the girls made it from a recipe she got from someone else who made it and she stood up and shared it with us because we were all acting like cannibals. BUT the apples and dip in the picture above are from a Christmas Party I went to the other night with my friends and the reaction was about the same!

A sidenote: I struggle with trying to keep apple slices from turning brown whenever I take them to a get together so I did a bunch of looking around online to figure out what other people do. I found various suggestions like putting them in orange juice or pouring sprite on them (that sounded gross) or putting them in water with lemon or lime juice. I tried putting them all in a bowl of very chilled lemon water. It seemed to work, but I noticed that Granny Smith Apples did a lot better than the Pink Ladies I sliced up. P.S. I used an apple slicer. If you don’t have one of these wonderful gadgets, I highly recommend it. Just make sure the blades aren’t dull or you’ll end up cracking your knuckles on the countertop as you force your entire body weight onto the apple slicer. Trust me, I’m speaking from experience. Also something I learned. Putting your hands in lemon water is a really great way to find where your paper cuts and cracks from having dry winter handskin are.

When life gives you lemons, squeeze the juice into a big bowl of apples floating in water and make this yummy dip!


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