Let me tell you about number two on the list, while number three is in the oven. (Chicken Tetrazzini a la cleaning out the fridge.)

So yes, I was that kid whose friends started asking, “do we have to do a craft project at your Birthday party this year?” I don’t know what it was about puff-paint t-shirts, shrinky dinks, and friendship bracelets that were more fun to me pin the tail on the donkey and eating cake and ice cream. (And that’s saying a lot because I absolutely LOVE ice cream and not in that selfless putting others’ interests in front of my own kind of love, but the rather gaudy tub-at-a-time-til-you’re-sick kind of love.) But there was just something inside of me that would rather paint on t-shirts or melt crayons on my mom’s hot plate when she wasn’t home, than do anything else in the world.

I was that kid. I was that kid that did her older sister’s school projects for her whenever they required a visual aide, not because she begged me to do it or bribed me — okay well maybe sometimes she bribed me, but because I WANTED to do her projects. (Sorry to rat you out on this one, sis!)

And yes, I was that kid that everyone else hated because I had working lights and miniature bookshelves in my ‘Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of Nihm’ diarama in the 6th grade and they just had poster boards with print-out pictures from the computer.

I was that kid… well, I AM that kid. Still. Only difference now is I have a degree to prove it. Literally.

So now, instead of melting crayons and playing with shrinky-dinks… though now that I’m thinking about it those two activities are starting to sound really enticing… I spend my time painting, sewing, drawing, and working on little things like this:

6"x6" wood block, image transfers, acrylic, gouache

Bird block.

Harness your inner artist and make a handmade card for someone.

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  1. Hey! I love the new blog! Here’s to being “that kid.” (I was, too.)

    • oh jessi! I KNOW you were that kid! I think that’s how I knew we were destined be friends the first day I met you. I am so blessed to have you as a sister-in-law! Love you!

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